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Italian Style Furniture

calligaris style

The unique combination of quality, technology and style represents the recipe of our success among broader and evermore diversified categories of customers, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they are searching for.

Calligaris is continuously working to interpret the aesthetic taste of consumers worldwide. The products have been conceived to satisfy the needs and habits of today's life, keeping in mind the importance of a personal touch and of practical solutions. Our goal is to create products that our customers will choose for handiness, elegance and comfort.

With such a large collection of contemporary furniture, Calligaris offers you the opportunity to create a home with just the right feel. The myriad of possible combinations allow for an unparalleled versatility in styling. These are our suggestions: only your personal taste will determine your final choice.

new classic

New classic represents a style combining mostly pieces with largely traditional styling with hints of a new touch. Classic lines and natural materials with earthy palettes are the themes. Well placed curves or the combination of colours and materials gives a distinct sense of style amidst the seemingly simple design. This style is very versatile and adaptable, and emits warmth as you'd expect in your home.


Contemporary styling often incorporates bold lines, a variety of materials and finishes, and a few more splashes of attention grabbing touches. It could even be as simple as adding a glass top to a wooden night stand or the use of chrome accents that could give the room a more up-to-date feel. All the pieces work together to signify the arrival of the modern day furniture for the modern age; present day materials with present day design.

trendy rock

"New age" materials with a crisp, clean look blend perfectly with sharp lines and bold colours to loudly express the room's vitality. In a trendy rock room, every piece has a statement to make and nothing just "blends in". There is no fear in mixing the old with the new, only an undoubted passion for finding new ways of blending touches of the "old style" into largely new and innovative pieces. One's visual senses are constantly stimulated with the myriad of textures, shapes, colours, and lines.